Dog Ramp for Small Dogs - Modular Stair Ramp for Any Staircase

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The safest way to let our dogs conquer stairs.

Our Patent Pending Design and Solution is great for your best buddy!


  • !! BEFORE YOU BUY ALERT !! - WILL IT FIT?? - Stairwedge is **10 inches long**, along the base, which fits the most common stair length (where your foot steps).  Stairwedge is **6 inches tall**, which means it will work for most stair height, which are 7 inches tall.  Stairwedge is **9 inches wide**, which allows plenty of space for those using the stairs.  
  • !! BEFORE YOU BUY ALERT!! - WILL YOU TRAIN?  We'd like you to keep Stairwedge for your dogs and avoid a return.  Before you buy Stairwedge, keep in mind your furry friend will need a bit of doggy patience as you train them.  It's a learning adventure, filled with love, treats, and encouragement.
  • SOFT GRIP CARPET has non-slip carpet surface.  Not suggested for outdoor use.
  • DOGS OF ALL SIZES has no weight limit.  It can hold over 1500lbs.
  • BOOST CONFIDENCE AND SAFETY reduces IVDD concerns with gentle movements and aids in your dogs ability to roam.
  • TURN ORDINARY STAIRS into a ramp allowing an angled consistant surface for small dogs. Patent pending solution will bring happyness to your beloved pets.
  • EVEN FOR CATS who make their own rules, the stairwedge ensures comfortable mobility
  • 🌿 ECO-FRIENDLY ALERT! 🌿 Before you purchase a Stairwedge, remember it's crafted from cork oak trees! Embrace the initial few days of "earthy smell" as a sign of its natural origins – it's safe for you, your pets, and our wonderful planet. In just a few days, the fresh smell will go away and mark the beginning of mobility for your beloved pets! 🍃

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
jan issling
never arrived

still waiting for it- it never came

A Perez
Not great for senior dogs

We had a bit of hope for this product. However, our senior dogs will not use it and it’s not exactly safe for them given the steep incline. For older or less nimble doggos, you need longer ramps. Will be returning.

H Antunes

Great product, very high quality. Very helpful for the dogs, they love it

Delta Curtis
dog won't even look at it

She chewed it to pieces!

Phyllis Stockfisch
Small ramp

The ramp is well built but a bit to narrow. My dachshund fell off it sideways